Staff Directory

QCSS Elementary Campus
Name: Subject: Email:
Jamie Acosta Kindergarten [email protected]
Ms. Powell Second Grade [email protected]
Ms. Geiger Kindergarten [email protected]
Ms. Pickett Kindergarten [email protected]
Nebia Satterfield Kindergarten [email protected]
Ms. Hall Kindergarten [email protected]
Ms. Alascio 1st Grade [email protected]
Ms. Bethea 1st Grade [email protected]
Ms. Adams 1st Grade [email protected]
Paige Canty 1st Grade [email protected]
Ms. Brun 1st Grade [email protected]
Mr. Bethea 2nd Grade [email protected]
Ms. A. Jones 2nd Grade [email protected]
Ms. H. Jones 2nd Grade [email protected]
Clint Griffith EC Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Kirsten Butler EC K-5 [email protected]
Rachael Stewart 5th Grade ELA [email protected]
Ms. Bynum Social Worker [email protected]
Victoria Warren 4th Grade ELA [email protected]
Jeanette McCray 5th Grade Math [email protected]
Tiffany Snead 3rd Grade [email protected]
Mr. Boyd 4-5 Social Studies [email protected]
Mr. Black 4-5 Science [email protected]
Stacey Foreman 3rd Grade [email protected]
Mr. Polischak 3rd Grade [email protected]
Vivian Spruill Teaching Assistant/Lunch Support [email protected]
Mr. Wallace 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Cevik 1st Grade Teacher Assistant with Addams & Canty [email protected]
Kayley Cassone 3rd Grade [email protected]
Ms. Wallace 1st Grade Teacher Assistant w Bethea & Alascio [email protected]
Mr. Hatcher Kindergarten Teacher Assistant with Ryan & Geiger [email protected]
Mrs. Henderson Kindergarten Teacher Assistant with Pickett & Hall [email protected]
Ms. Leoni Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher Assistant with Brun [email protected]
Ms. Rosenfeld 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Alyssa Georgevich K-5 STEM [email protected]
Ms. Green K-5 Music [email protected]
Mr. Collins K-5 PE [email protected]
Ms. Richards K-5 Art [email protected]
Ms. Robinson EC (K-5)/Department Chair [email protected]
Ms. Decker ESL Coordinator [email protected]
Ms.Bagley Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Katherine Flint EC K-5 [email protected]
Mrs. Griffith Elementary Principal [email protected]
Ms. Beatty Dean (K-2) [email protected]
Ms. Harris Operations Manager [email protected]
Ms.Vari PowerSchool Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Ms. Seeley Registrar/Admin Assistant [email protected]
Mr. Bushman IT Manager [email protected]
 Khadija Legree EC Teacher Assistant  [email protected] 
 Heidi Grindstaff  Nurse  [email protected]
 Andrew Tucker  Maintenance  [email protected]
 Chelsie Tucker  Reading Specialist  [email protected]
 Erin Yager Media Specialist  [email protected]
 Safiyah Myles  Before and After School Liaison  [email protected]
 Mr. Albert Custodian  
 Ms. Everette  4th Grade Math Teacher  [email protected]
 Towan Dicks  Elementary Dean (3-5)  [email protected]

QCSS Secondary Campus
Name: Subject Email:
 Mr. Akkus Math (6/7)  [email protected]
 Mr. Yilmaz Computer Science   [email protected]
Mr. Martin  Science (8)  [email protected]
 Mr. Logan French Teacher [email protected]
Mr. Chasten ELA 7-8 [email protected]
 Mr. Cumbow  Music [email protected]
Mr. Baptist Social Studies 6-7 [email protected]
Ms. Oglesby Science 6-7 [email protected]
Ms. Pope ELA 6-10-11 [email protected]
Mr. Miller Social Studies 8-10-11 [email protected]
  Mr. Garfield Social Studies 9-AP  [email protected] 
 Ms. Stout ELA 9-AP 
 Ms. Shelton Math 9-AP 
Mr. Kalkan Science 9-10-11  [email protected]
Mr. Cunningham Student Success Support [email protected]
Mr. Jones PE [email protected]
Mr. Grimm Art [email protected]
Ms. Ahmed Spanish [email protected]
Ms. Beckett Admin Assistant [email protected]
Mr. Alkan Secondary Principal [email protected]
Ms. Gordon Dean of Academics [email protected]
Ms. Perry College Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Ms. Jones   EC Teacher [email protected] 
 Mr. Russell EC Teacher
 Ms. Hilderbrand Receptionist/Clinical Aid   [email protected]
 Cabezas, Maria  Math (8/10/11)  [email protected]
 Ms. Lawson Dean of Students  [email protected]