Staff Directory

QCSS Elementary Campus
Name: Subject: Email:
Jamie Acosta Kindergarten
Ms. Powell Second Grade
Ms. Geiger Kindergarten
Ms. Pickett Kindergarten
Nebia Satterfield Kindergarten
Ms. Hall Kindergarten
Ms. Alascio 1st Grade
Ms. Bethea 1st Grade
Ms. Adams 1st Grade
Paige Canty 1st Grade
Ms. Brun 1st Grade
Mr. Bethea 2nd Grade
Ms. A. Jones 2nd Grade
Ms. H. Jones 2nd Grade
Clint Griffith EC Teacher Assistant
Kirsten Butler EC K-5
Rachael Stewart 5th Grade ELA
Ms. Bynum Social Worker
Victoria Warren 4th Grade ELA
Jeanette McCray 5th Grade Math
Tiffany Snead 3rd Grade
Mr. Boyd 4-5 Social Studies
Mr. Black 4-5 Science
Stacey Foreman 3rd Grade
Mr. Polischak 3rd Grade
Vivian Spruill Teaching Assistant/Lunch Support
Mr. Wallace 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant
Ms. Cevik 1st Grade Teacher Assistant with Addams & Canty
Kayley Cassone 3rd Grade
Ms. Wallace 1st Grade Teacher Assistant w Bethea & Alascio
Mr. Hatcher Kindergarten Teacher Assistant with Ryan & Geiger
Mrs. Henderson Kindergarten Teacher Assistant with Pickett & Hall
Ms. Leoni Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher Assistant with Brun
Ms. Rosenfeld 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant
Alyssa Georgevich K-5 STEM
Ms. Green K-5 Music
Mr. Collins K-5 PE
Ms. Richards K-5 Art
Ms. Robinson EC (K-5)/Department Chair
Ms. Decker ESL Coordinator
Ms.Bagley Guidance Counselor
Katherine Flint EC K-5
Mrs. Griffith Elementary Principal
Ms. Beatty Dean (K-2)
Mr. Limon Operations Manager
Ms.Vari PowerSchool Testing Coordinator
Ms. Seeley Registrar/Admin Assistant
Mr. Bushman IT Manager
 Khadija Legree EC Teacher Assistant 
 Heidi Grindstaff  Nurse
 Andrew Tucker  Maintenance
 Chelsie Tucker  Reading Specialist
 Erin Yager Media Specialist
 Safiyah Myles  Before and After School Liaison
 Mr. Albert Custodian  
 Ms. Everette  4th Grade Math Teacher
 Towan Dicks  Elementary Dean (3-5)

QCSS Secondary Campus
Name: Subject Email:
 Mr. Akkus Math (6/7)
 Mr. Yilmaz Computer Science
Mr. Martin  Science (8)
 Mr. Logan French Teacher
Mr. Chasten ELA 7-8
 Mr. Cumbow  Music
Mr. Baptist Social Studies 6-7
Ms. Oglesby Science 6-7
Ms. Pope ELA 6-10-11
Mr. Miller Social Studies 8-10-11
  Mr. Garfield Social Studies 9-AP 
 Ms. Stout ELA 9-AP 
 Ms. Shelton Math 9-AP 
Mr. Kalkan Science 9-10-11
Mr. Cunningham Student Success Support
Mr. Jones PE
Mr. Grimm Art
Ms. Ahmed Spanish
Ms. Beckett Admin Assistant
Mr. Alkan Secondary Principal
Ms. Gordon Dean of Academics
Ms. Perry College Guidance Counselor
Ms. Jones   EC Teacher 
 Mr. Russell EC Teacher
 Ms. Lawson Dean of Students